Wave One

All teachers fully qualified to teach

Well trained Teaching assistants

A highly motivated and happy staff team

Well staffed class = full time teacher and full time TA + extra learning support assistants for identified SEND

Well staffed playtimes at least 1 staff member to 30 pupils in KS1 2 staff members to 30 pupils in FS

Curriculum drivers

  • Eco Schools
  • Outdoor environment
  • Values

Delivery of the curriculum through

  • real experiences
  • ongoing Assessment
  • creative approaches
  • differentiation
  • use of specialist teachers in music, dance, french, sport
  • Focus on basic skills
  • Child initiated learning opportunities
  • An inspiring classroom environment
  • Opportunities to talk

Enrichment activities

  • Drama workshops
  • Theatre productions
  • Visiting poets, authors and musicians
  • Exploiting local opportunities through visits to

Polesden Lacey House/Wisley Gardens/ Bookham Village/ Mosque/ Synagogue and churches

  • Visits further afield linked to topics
  • Recorder lessons for all in year 2
  • Gardening activities throughout the year
  • Morning exercise once a week
  • Listening to and learning about classical, modern and world music
  • Looking at the work of a wide variety of artists
  • Bird watching


Embedded values
High emphasis on pastoral care
An opportunity for every child to be on the School or Green council for 6 months
High emphasis on caring for the environment
High emphasis on being healthy in mind and body
High emphasis on developing independence in the pupils
High expectations of what all children can achieve
An inclusive environment
High emphasis on working in partnership with parents
Regular presentations for parents
Well informed and active Governing Body