British Values

Promoting British Values


How we promote it at Polesden Lacey Infant School


All pupils are part of our School Council. The children meet in groups of six or seven pupils to discuss issues and make suggestions as to how to make improvements.

We encourage all of our pupils to think about how they can support others in the community through raising money for local and national charities. (Y2 baked apple muffins to raise money for Guide-dogs for the Blind and food was collected for the local food bank at Harvest. and food collected for local food bank at Harvest).

The beginnings of democracy are taught through work on Fairtrade and votes taken to decide which charities to support each year.

Democracy is also promoted through additional PSHE lessons and assemblies.

The Rule of Law

We have high expectations about pupil conduct and this is reflected in our Behaviour Policy.

Assemblies focus on our values.

Through our school assemblies, circle time and PSHE, pupils are taught how to earn trust and respect and are supported to develop a strong sense of morality; knowing right from wrong and doing the right think even when it’s difficult.

Individual Liberty

Children are taught to respect their rights and the rights of others.

Through our school values and our PSHE programme, children are taught about personal responsibility, choices, ambition and aspiration. They are encouraged to take opportunities to follow their interests in art, music, sport etc.

Children are taught how to keep themselves safe, including on-line. This is done through computing lessons, assemblies and outside organisations as well as through the PSHE curriculum.

Mutual Respect

Our high expectations of pupil conduct are reflected in the school’s Behaviour Policy.

Through our school’s values, PSHE, focus on the environment, the importance of Fairtrade and circle time, children are taught to respect each other, to be cooperative and collaborative, be supportive and to look for similarities while being understanding of differences.

Mutual respect is also promoted through additional PSHE lessons and assemblies. A range of specific assemblies were delivered focusing on helping other pupils to understand specific special needs.

Throughout our Forest School sessions the children learn to take risks, cooperate with each other and look after the natural world.

Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs

Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs is promoted through the RE syllabus. Children learn about different religions, their beliefs, places of worship and festivals.

Curriculum enrichment weeks focus on different cultures/faiths (RE week, multicultural week).

Children learn about significant different religious festivals such as Diwali and Ramadan.

People from different faiths/cultures are invited to the school to share knowledge about their beliefs.

Children have the opportunity to visit places of worship (Year 2 visit Woking Mosque, Year 1 to the Synagogue and Reception to the local Church)

As a school we will actively challenge pupils, staff or parents expressing opinions contrary to the fundamental British Values, including “extremist” views.