In Reception and Key Stage 1, reading is supported through the use of a structured scheme which guides children through the early stages of learning to read. At Polesden Lacey Infant School we follow Little Wandle Synthetic Phonics Programme. Children will read books matched to sounds they have learnt allowing them to be successful and become 'readers' right from very early on in their school journey. 

Parents can access the school's reading policy and information about Little Wandle below.



The Little Wandle progression map document clearly shows which sounds the children will be learning and when. Please note that we started following this scheme in January, therefore, Year 1 are at slightly different point in the scheme currently. 

The children will further develop their love for reading by having access to a wide range of books with rich language and content through key texts linked to learning, shared class stories, visits to the library and a wide range of texts in class reading areas.


Children in Reception will be provided with many opportunities to make marks as they develop their writing skills. The children will learn how to write each grapheme as they learn them following Little Wandle. As they continue their journey in writing we will discuss writing words, captions, sentences; learning to use a capital letter, a full stop and leave finger spaces between words.  We encourage phonetically plausible attempts for longer words and praise use of sounds they have learnt. As they move through the school they will continue to learn the grammar and spelling rules needed to be a successful writer. We will encourage them to edit their work and think how they can make it even better. Nearly all of writing opportunities will be cross curricular and have an engaging link for the children. 

Please see the school's writing policy below.


Progression of Knowledge and Skills in Writing

Progression of Knowledge and Skills in Reading