Remote Learning Offer

Contingency Remote Learning Plan

During the current pandemic we realise that there maybe times when pupils are unable to attend Polesden Lacey Infant School in person. In order that we can continue to support all of our pupils we have developed a remote learning plan that builds on the success of the offer we put in place during the national lockdown of Spring and Summer 2020 and developed in the Spring of 2021. 

Please see below some comments from our remote learning offer parent survey (February 2021)

'I think the most helpful thing is to have a mix of live and pre recorded lessons, particularly for core maths and English.' - Year 2 parent

'Mrs Binding and Mrs Leggatt have provided wonderful home learning packs and live/pre recorded sessions. I don’t think we could ask for more. More games ideas and suggestions of how to make tasks fun have been included recently and I’ve found these really helpful as our son responds so much better to these than more formal, sitting at a table to learn, tasks. The zoom sessions have evolved and he really engages with the activities and gets so much from the teacher and class interaction. I feel like the teachers are there if we have any questions. The writing email sent today was also helpful as I wasn’t sure what to expect from his writing and this provided some reassurance and helpful pointers.' Reception parent

'We have found the remote learning really comprehensive. The live lesson with Miss Williams is great, it really sets up the day for our son and is interactive and fun. We find the current balance of live lessons works well for us with juggling our daughter's work too. The work is laid out really clearly on google classroom which makes it easy to access and easy to know what work to cover each day. There has also been a good amount of work for each day and a good variety of work.' Year 1 parent 

'Very good preparation from the teacher to clearly set out lessons and what is required for the week so limited advance planning required by parent/carer which helps greatly. Work is also loaded in a timely manner to allow time for printing and organising.' Year 2 parent

'Just about the right level of activities for reception children. I have been very impressed.' Reception parent

'My son is attending school for 4 days a week, however on a Friday, the zoom classes are a great opportunity to meet the rest of the class and talk through the rest of the work. I think the online prerecorded lessons are great and the variety is good. I do also like the structure on google classroom - so you can see by day, so on a Friday I know exactly what work he needs to do , reassured that the rest has already been completed whilst in school . Also value the feedback from Mrs Quinn on his Friday work - particularly as she's seen him during the week.' Year 2 parent

'The morning Zoom lessons are such a great start to the day.' Year 1 parent