Our School Council

We have a unique ‘School Council’ which consists of all the pupils. We call it Circle Time. As a small school we are able to ensure that every child has a voice and can contribute to discussions.  The children are divided into mixed age groups of up to 8 pupils per group. Children in Year 1 and 2 start start in the school council and children in Reception begin joining their group when they and their teacher feels that they are ready.  The groups meets with their allocated member of staff every week on a Monday afternoon. The school council discuss things that are directly relevant to what is happening in school as well as thinks that impact on the local, national and international community. Recent decisions have been; thinking about how to improve the playtime arrangements, which charities we should support and how we can raise money for the ones that the children chose and the importance of Fairtrade and how we can promote it.

By being part of the school council the children are able to help the adults in our school make the right decisions for the children and the school.

In Circle Time we think about how we can solve some environmental problems.  Year 2 have written letters outlining some issues and ways of resolving them.  We hope that you find them interesting.