Year 2 - Badger Class

Welcome to the Year 2 (Badger class) class page. Parents are encouraged to visit this page on a regular basis to view the latest class news and term overviews.

Badger Class are the best!

As the children move into Badger Class they begin to take on a more responsible role as they become 'top of the school'.  We focus on the school values of being fair, resilient, respectful, caring , courageous and curious and this underpins everything we do. The children's caring natures are used to help support and look after the younger children as well as helping around the school with different jobs. They demonstrate fairness in the many competitive challenges such as sport's day and mile run. We focus on respect by looking after each other and their environment including writing letters to ask glue makers to use recycled material and the school fruit service to provide fair trade bananas; both of which have had success. We learn about guide dogs and how they help people and then use apples from our school orchards to make muffins to raise money for the charity. 


We follow the National Curriculum and with this comes action packed days; with English and Maths taught everyday and other subjects throughout the week which are linked as much as possible through our topics. The children learn resilience when faced with challenges and the importance of mistakes in helping their learning. We encourage the children to be curious and ask questions when learning new things, and seek to answer their questions as a class by looking for answers together. Forest School, along with special events such as Superhero Day, provides many opportunities for team work and a chance to show courage in new situations. We are also creative, giving  everyone the chance to perform in shows, festivals and to learn an instrument such the recorder or samba instruments.


The Badger Class team thoroughly enjoy working with all the wonderful Year 2s we have at Polesden Lacey Infant School. The team consists of: Mrs Quinn, Class Teacher with Mrs. Aylett and Mrs Cushnie as Teaching Assistants sharing one to one and group support across the class.

Useful links:  (username and password in reading record- covers all subjects) (username:march20 password:home) (games such as hit the button, daily 10, caterpillar ordering, toy shop for example) (English and maths catch up lessons) (white rose home learning maths videos) (wake and shake videos)


  • Mrs. Nicky Leggatt - Reception and Year 1 teacher, Science and DT leader
  • Mrs. Quinn - Year 2 class teacher, Maths Leader

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